Mazda 3 since 2003
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
1.1. Description of the car
1.2. System of passive safety
1.3. Use of the car to destination
1.4. Elimination of the malfunctions which arose in way or before a start of motion
1.4.1. Spare wheel and set of tools Mobile jack Spare wheel Replacement of a faulty wheel Dismantle of a faulty wheel Installation of a spare wheel
1.4.2. Engine overheat
1.4.3. Evacuation of the car
1.4.4. General information and security measures at control survey and maintenance of the car
1.4.5. Lamps of devices of lighting and light alarm system
1.4.6. Care of a body and interior of the car
1.5. Tables
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body


1-4-1-2-zapasnoe-koleso.html Spare wheel

The Mazda cars can be completed both with a small-sized spare wheel, and the spare wheel unified with other wheels of the car.

The spare wheel unified with other wheels of the car.
The car is equipped with a spare wheel with the tire of the same type, dimension and model that are established on other four wheels of the car. It allows to use a spare wheel both for replacement of the damaged wheel, and for periodic shift of wheels.

Small-sized spare wheel.
The small-sized wheel is intended only for SHORT-TERM USE in case of damage of a wheel of the car. It is forbidden to use a small-sized wheel for the long movement on considerable distances.
When using a small-sized spare wheel stability of the movement of the car worsens therefore, driving the car, be especially careful. In order to avoid damage of a small-sized spare wheel or the car observe the following precautionary measures.
– Do not exceed the speed of 80 km/h.
– Avoid moving through obstacles in the road. Besides, do not come around on the mechanized automobile sink. As diameter of a small-sized wheel is less, than regular wheels, the road gleam of the car will decrease approximately by 10–25 mm.
– It is forbidden to establish an antisliding chain on a spare wheel.
– It is forbidden to install a small-sized spare wheel on cars of other brands and models.
– It is allowed to install no more than one small-sized spare wheel on the car at the same time.

Fig. 1.162. Extraction of a spare wheel (cars with a body "sedan")

To get a spare wheel (cars with a body "sedan") perform the following operations (fig. 1.162).
1. Take out the panel of half of the luggage compartment.
2. Rotating the handle counterclockwise, unscrew the fixing screw.

Fig. 1.163. Extraction of a spare wheel (cars with a body "hatch-back")

For extraction of a spare wheel (cars with a body "hatchback") execute the following operations (fig. 1.163).
1. Remove a floor mat and take out the floor panel, then take out the pallet from the luggage compartment.
2. A wheel key turn off a bolt of fastening of a spare wheel (rotating a bolt counterclockwise).
Laying of a spare wheel in marching situation is carried out in the return sequence.

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