Mazda 3 since 2003
1. Operation and maintenance of the car
2. Engine
3. Transmission
4. Running gear
5. Steering mechanism
6. Brake system
7. Onboard electric equipment
8. Body


Mazda 3 (since 2003 release)

The new Mazda 3 model united in itself all best qualities promoting success of her predecessors. It represents a new alternative to cars of the segment. Mazda 3 is a reply of the company to Europeans who look for the car predetermining style, quality and characteristics of the segment which is traditionally focused on functionality and sales volume.

The new 5-door hatchback of Mazda 3 has faultless design Mazda and high level of quality. As well as other cars Mazda of new generation, its external design forces to feel an anticipation of the exciting, carefree drive.

The movement united with durability and stability of Mazda 3 is an integral part of the concept "feeling of the movement" which is successfully embodied in the Mazda 6, Mazda 2 and Mazda RX-8 models. The dynamic proportions created thanks to long wheel base and salon, short svesa and wheels of big diameter, and also expanded wings give to this 5-door hatchback positively self-confident look.

Mazda RX-8 based on methods of development of a leader, hatchback interior Mazda 3 is much more spacious, than it seems outside. It at the same time sports and comfortable, functional and capacious that is very important for the car of its segment.

The hatchback of Mazda 3 is one of the biggest cars of the class, despite aggressive, sports design. It possesses spacious, wide salon, and its long wheel base and an optimum form of front seats provides more than enough place for back passengers. To it still it is safely possible to add a set of offices, a big, flexible luggage carrier and you receive the car which not only is pleasant for conducting, but in which pleasantly is and to use.

Engineers and designers Mazda intentionally created the visual, tactile and acoustic effect allowing the driver and passengers to feel easy. The attention is paid to sounds of opening and closing of doors, materials, management of lighting and feeling of control over control of all vehicle. And result - not only attractive design, but also feelings, and a sound - best quality. A type of the central console - the highest quality, clients will be surprised, feeling as in more high-class car. Engineers added several strokes of a practicality which especially will be pleasant to young people and young families. In coasters you can not only put glasses, but also 2-liter bottles now. Back sitting lean back in a proportion 60:40 for placement of various objects now.

External design of Mazda 3 courageous and vigorous, attracting with the freshness. Accurate lines of a cowl and sharply expressed lines of "shoulders" give to the car physicality and commitment which really distinguish it from crowd. Sports interior design together with the dashboard and lighting, hinting at Mazda RX-8, will provide to the driver excellent ergonomics. The space of an interior is maximized to provide the spaces, best in the class, at the level of shoulders and knees. The Mazda hatchback shows vigor and reliability while the sedan - identity, physicality and grace

Leading in the class "sbitost" and vigor of a body allowed engineers to maximize stability and controllability at high speeds, to offer the best controllability, accuracy of steering, the brake system, lack of vibration and noise, and also the best dynamic characteristics in the market. Mazda 3 has long wheel base with a short forward and back sves that gives dynamics of appearance. Together with a multilever back suspension bracket the long wheel base provides outstanding dynamic characteristics and the maximum comfort for the driver and passengers. Mazda 3 has issue of EURO IV and obedient petrol engines with the choice of 1.4 l 80 h.p., 1.6 l 105 h.p. or 2.0 l 150 h.p.

Development of new architecture of a body allowed to maximize protection of passengers together with the adapted structure of safety of MAIDAS. The new architecture of a body was reflected in a body framework, absorbing and disseminating energy of blow in various collisions, and offers the safety, best in the world, in the class. Passive safety include standard forward safety cushions with a double stage of disclosure, the side pillows and a blind developing at collision a steering wheel and a pedal of a brake to minimize damages of the driver. Active safety is ensured by standard ABS with the integrated system of electronic distribution of brake effort (EBA) and as the additional equipment, system of dynamic stabilization (DCS).

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